Own a website and need advertising exposure?

  • Banner exchanges are so 1999. In today's world of text advertising, you need flexible, heavily customizable text-ads in order to compete in the ad market. No other ad network offers you the ability to exchange text advertisements, for free.
  • Small publishers might not have any ad budgets. Just because you own a website doesn't mean you have the money to buy expensive ad campaigns at the major ad networks. Earn advertising exposure with txtex, for free!
  • Not all sites are created equal. If you spent months creating a useful, well-designed, professional webpage, shouldn't you receive more credit for it than a fly-by-night blog? With txtex, you'll receive Premium membership benefits for any site that's high quality.
  • Most site layouts can't afford a 468x60 eyesore. Can't find a way to cram a large ad unit into your site? With txtex, all you need room for is a sentence. Customize the way your txtex ad looks with your own CSS.

Still not convinced?

  • Check out the comparison table below for even more reasons to use txtex.
  Banner Exchanges Self-serve CPC txtex
Free Check   Check
Text advertising   Check Check
Anti-fraud algorithms   Check Check
Responsive Leads   Check Check
Can advertise non-owned websites   Check Check
Clickstream Data     Check
Rewards for quality content     Check
Deeply integrated ad-units     Check

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