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Publisher FAQs

What exactly am I exchanging?

You display txtex text advertisements on your webpage, and for every valid click generated on an ad, you will receive some credits. You can then add your own advertisements to our system, and your ads will be served on other members’ webpages.

How many credits do I earn per click?

You will earn 0.7 credits per click on advertisements served on a valid website. If you qualify for Premium membership, qualifying websites will earn 0.85 credits per click. Members who opt for the paid Platinum membership will earn a flat 1 credits per click on all valid websites.

Why bother tracking impressions if you only give credits for clicks?

Impressions need to be tracked in order for our fraud detection algorithms to function properly. Additionally, advertisers will want access to click-thru rates in order to gauge the performance of their ad campaigns.

What happens if my ad code is placed on an invalid webpage?

If you place your ad code on an invalid webpage (see the Add a Site page for examples of invalid webpages), a Public Service Announcement or a Default Advertisement will be served instead of member ads. Credits will NOT be earned for clicks on these text links.

What happens if a click fails the fraud detection algorithms?

If an advertisement is served on your website, and a click is generated but our system determines it is invalid, the user/system/bot that generated the click will be forwarded to that advertiser’s website anyway, but the publisher will earn no credits for that click. The advertiser will also not be charged for that click.

What if I see adult content being displayed in an ad on my website?

You will NEVER see inappropriate content displayed on a text ad served on your website. All ads are manually reviewed for appropriateness and must comply with our Ad Quality Requirements. There may be a small chance an advertiser might change the content on the ad landing page to fall outside of our Ad Quality Requirements after approval. In these instances, you should report offenses to our admin and the advertiser’s account will be thoroughly reviewed. If an advertiser is found to have willfully and maliciously circumvented the Ad Quality Requirements by changing landing page content after approval, the advertiser’s account will be immediately terminated. If you report an offense that results in an advertiser’s account termination, you will receive a bonus bounty of credits.

Will joining the txtex network increase my Google PageRank?

No, and that is NOT the intent of the txtex network. Among many other factors, your Google PageRank is determined in part by the number of organic incoming links. The txtex Network is not attempting to create these links, it is serving a piece of javascript advertising. Just as using contextual text ad networks such as Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network do not affect the pageranks of their advertisers, using txtex will have no effect on your pageranks.

How does community moderation work?

There are two ways ads and websites are approved. The first is with direct administration approval: the admin team reviews all submissions manually, views the pages source codes, and ensures that all submissions are safe and acceptable. The other is community moderation: a pool of sites and ads are available for members to review. A member will be shown several sites and ads to review, and must determine whether or not those sites or ads are acceptable. This moderation process is highly controlled; there are control sites and ads that are obviously acceptable or unacceptable that are peppered within the pool, and if a member does not mark those control sites/ads correctly, he or she will be prevented from future moderation. Additionally, each site/ad receives at least five votes from members and must receive four acceptable votes before being accepted.

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