Privacy Policy

In a world of oppressive and incomprehensible Terms of Service, txtex Network believes you should be able to understand what all the legalese means. In each section, an italicized summary will be available to explain what the terms below it mean. But even with these easier-to-read summaries, you should still review the official Terms of Service, as there may be specific details excluded from the summaries.

Data Collection

Whenever a page is loaded from the txtex network, the following information may be collected from the user and stored in our databases: browser type and version, operating system, page visited, date and time, referrer URL, passed URL variables, and IP address of user. Some of this data is aggregated and used solely for traffic analysis. If you are a member of txtex, or are otherwise viewing a txtex advertisement, this data is temporarily stored in our database for analysis by our fraud-prevention algorithms. This data is retained for a period of time between 60 days (minimum) and 180 days (maximum).

Personally Identifiable Contact Information

You must provide some personally identifiable information in order to maintain a membership to txtex, and as a member you may choose to provide even more for Premium membership. If you provide such personal information to txtex, we may use such information to verify your identity and ownership of any content submitted to txtex. Additionally, you authorize txtex to contact you via e-mail, phone, or physical mailing should you provide any of these contact methods to txtex. txtex will NEVER sell any of this information to third parties wunder any circumstances.

Data Dissemination

While we may store information that may personally identify users, we consider this information sensitive and will never release, resell, distribute, or otherwise expose it to third parties with the exception of legal entities that require this information and provide a valid subpoena for it.


We store a variety of information in session specific cookies as a member. Users who view ads will not have cookies set on their computers. If you are not a member of txtex, and you see a seemingly txtex-related cookie, please know it was not set by us. Please forward any such cookie information to our Contact Admin page so that we may investigate it.

Leaving txtex

When you leave the domain, all provisions of this privacy policy will no longer apply except when applied to persistent connections or data.


We do our best, but even the best is never perfect. Should spyware, viruses, adware, or other malicious code find its way onto the txtex network, we will try to immediately isolate and remove the threat, but please be aware all visitors are expected to protect their own computers with the proper antivirus and firewall softwares.

Policy Changes

txtex reserves the right to modify these privacy policies without prior notification. Any major modifications will result in prominent notification on the website as well as a notification to a user's member area and e-mail to members.