Terms of Service

In a world of oppressive and incomprehensible Terms of Service, txtex Network believes you should be able to understand what all the legalese means. In each section, an italicized summary will be available to explain what the terms below it mean. But even with these easier-to-read summaries, you should still review the official Terms of Service, as there may be specific details excluded from the summaries.


We might use words in the Terms of Service that need more clarification than just their base meaning. Those clarifications are here, but most people should be able to figure out what we mean.

"you" refers to the person or entity that creates a txtex account and accepts the Terms of Service.
"txtex" or "txtex Network" are terms used interchangibly to refer to txtex Inc.
"txtex website" refers to the website operated by txtex hosted at http://www.txtex.com
"content" refers to anything submitted for review to txtex, including but not limited to advertisement texts, reviews, profile information, etc.

Contractual Competency

Be at least 18 years old, know what a contract is, and be able to legally enter into one.

By accepting the Terms of Service, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age, and are competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations and warranties set forth in these Terms of Use. Regardless of legal parental or guardian consent, if we suspect you are not of legal age, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership immediately and without notice. Children and people under the age of 18 are entitled to access this site to view its content but are not allowed to register as members and/or use a txtex membership account.

Grant of License

By submitting your advertisements to us, you're giving us content that you legally own. In order for us to display it on other sites, you need to grant us a license to distribute, and that's what this section allows us to do. It also details how site and ad details remain in our databases even after you delete them or your account for our records, and how you can permanently remove them.

By submitting any content to the txtex network, you grant txtex and all affiliated companies and parterns a royalty-free, non-exclusive, world-wide, revocable license to distribute, transfer, transmit, publish, reproduce, use, or create derivative works of such content. This grant of license is mandatory, as txtex does not claim ownership of any submitted content intended for redistribution. This content shall be distributed across various pages among the txtex website, as well as through any approved member websites. Because this content may be printed from said websites, you also grant txtex network a license to distribute your content through any media, electronic or otherwise. This portion of the terms of service will be updated if future media or technology constitute a significant divergence from the methods of distribution already outlined in this section. By submitting content to the txtex network, you do hereby certify you own any and all rights to such content, or otherwise have a legitimate and legal right or license to redistribute said content. While you may not specify which specific pages or member websites your content may not be shown on, you may either temporarily or permanently remove your content from display rotation by pausing your ads. When in this paused state, your content will not be distributed, although the license you granted txtex in this section will still be in effect. In addition to this paused state, you may delete content from the txtex network as well, however, this content is retained in our databases and simply marked as deleted. It is important for our anti-fraud mechanisms for this data to remain in our databases. As long as you are a member, you may not permanently remove this data. However, if you wish to terminate your membership, you may submit a request for permanent removal by submitting a support ticket.

Conditions of Use

In addition to everything else outlined in the terms of service, there are some general things we expect members to do and not-do. Most are basic, and include ensuring your websites comply with our Website Propriety Requirements. There's more, so read this section carefully.

By using this service, you agree that you will not attempt to undermine the integrity, appearance, or reputation of our site. You shall not attempt to reverse-engineer any aspects of the site, nor attempt to circumvent any fraud-prevention systems we have set in place. You will not submit for review any content that is blatantly in violation of any user agreements. You agree not to modify any ad-code provided to you, nor use CSS to hide, remove, obscure, or otherwise substantially detract from the legibility of any aspect of the txtex ad.

Termination of Agreement

Your membership isn't permanent, and may be ended either by yourself if you so wish, or by txtex for any reason.

Either party may terminate this contract at any point in time with or without cause. Once this contract has been breached or terminated, your associated account will be deleted from our system, or frozen in accordance to the conditions by which the contract has been terminated. Upon account closure, all associated credits will be zeroed out, all site and advertisement statistics archived, and referral statistics are zeroed. Account closure or removal is permanent, and the process cannot be undone. If a member chose to close his or her account, and is otherwise still eligible to participate from the txtex network, he or she may create another account, but statistics and account details will not be transfered to the new account. Account refunds that have not been processed prior to account closure will not be honored. If your account was terminated by txtex network for a violation of these terms of service, you are not eligible for any refunds, and do hereby agree not to begin chargeback procedures with your payment processor.

Account Fees and Penalties

If you are a normal user of txtex and adhere to the rules, your account should be free. However, users that violate rules may be subject to account penalties as outlined below. Also, if you owe us money, we'll give you some time to pay up before charging interest.

Users engaging in the following actions are subject to their associated fees or penalties.

Action Potential Penalties
User clicks on his or her own website ad-code advertisements Up to 500 credits per incident, or Account Closure, depending on severity
User attempts to create fraud in conjunction with other members (i.e. click circles) Up to 5000 credits per account, or Account Closure, depending on severity.
User repeatedly submits obviously ineligible websites/advertisements 100 credits per incident, or Account Closure after 10 incidents
User submits content that violates trademark or copyright laws Up to 500 credits per incident, or Account Closure, depending on severity
User submits patently incorrect profile data Account Closure.
User attempts to create an account after being informed he or she is no longer eligible for participation within the txtex network. Account Closure.
User harasses administration via support or contact methods 100 to 500 credits per incident, or Account Closure, depending on severity
User attempts to circumvent the anti-fraud detection methods Immediate Account Closure. Also, up to $5000 per incident, depending on severity
User attempts to reverse engineer portions of the txtex network Immediate Account Closure. Also, up to $5000 per incident, depending on severity
User initiates a chargeback with a payment processor without attempting to resolve situation with support, or initiates chargeback after account was terminated for Terms of Service violations. 20% of contested payment per incident, minimum $50.
User's payment is returned because of fraud, or a returned payment is not resolved with txtex admin or support in a reasonable amount of time (30 days) Account Closure, and $100 per incident

For accounts that are terminated or otherwise reside in a negative balance for longer than 30 days, the prorated value of the negative balance shall be calculated in accordance to the cost of 1 credit at that date and the user shall be invoiced. Members with a valid payment method associated with his or her account shall be directly invoiced. After 30 days of non-payment, another invoice shall be issued. After 60 days of non-payment, interest shall begin to acrue on the outstanding balance at a rate of 15.99%, compounded daily. After 180 days of non-payment, legal action shall initiate as outlined by the Legal Procedure section of the Terms of Service.

Legal Procedure

Although normal users will never have to deal with our legal procedures, those who break our rules or violate the terms of service are subject to legal action, and we can and will do everything in our power to collect damages.

While txtex does not require binding arbitration, it is an available option when legal action is initiated. If a user wishes to pursue binding arbitration, txtex network shall offer a short list of arbitors previously reviewed and accepted by txted for the user to choose from. Otherwise, all legal conflicts shall be resolved in the jurisdiction of Union County, New Jersey. Congratulations! You wouldn't believe how many people don't actually read Terms of Services. Because you are one of the few people who actually did, claim the coupon code "ireadthetos" without the quotes within your account for 25 free credits.