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Membership Levels FAQs

What is Premium membership?

Premium membership is a free membership option that rewards webmasters that create high-quality websites that perform well. See the Membership Levels page and High Quality Requirements for more details.

How does the monthly click requirement work?

On the first of every month, the click-stats for your past month are calculated. If you generated at least 100 clicks, you will have met this Premium membership requirement for this current month. This requirement is recalculated every month; to maintain your Premium membership you must generate at least 100 clicks every month.

What is Platinum membership?

Platinum membership increases the credit-earning ratios. Publishers who generate high amounts of traffic should consider Platinum membership because it increases the return you receive per advertisement click.

What happens if I let my Platinum status expire?

If you allow your Platinum status to expire, your account will be automatically converted to a free account. If your account qualifies for Premium membership, it will automatically be granted.

My account was downgraded from a higher level, and I had more websites or ads in my account than I am now allowed. What's going to happen?

You will receive an e-mail notice, and see a persistant notice on top of your member homepage. Your account will then be set on a Limited status, and your credit earning levels are halved. You must delete enough sites and ads from your account until you are under your allowed limit. Once this happens, your account will automatically be restored to full status. If your account was converted to Basic, you can wait until next month to see if your account qualifies for Premium status. Alternatively, you can upgrade your account to Platinum.

Can I extend my Platinum membership at any time?

Yes. Our Platinum membership system differs from other sites in that Platinum membership is granted on a per-day basis, so you can extend your membership at ANY time. For example, if you purchased a 3 month Platinum membership, your account would reflect Platinum membership for (3x30+1=91 days). At any time during those 91 days, you can purchase more days. You might want to do this if a special or sale is being offered on Platinum memberships during those 91 days and you want to lock-in a cheaper rate.

Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, unlike for credit packages, we cannot offer refunds for Platinum memberships for various reasons. If you are unsure of whether or not Platinum is right for you, you should purchase a small interval at first to see if it’s worth it before buying a longer membership extension. Or, you could wait until the administration offers free trial or discounted memberships. Keep an eye out for notices in your Member Home!

If I have a Platinum membership, can I advertise something that is prohibited by the Terms of Service?

Paying for membership does not grant you a get-out-of-jail-free card. You do not automatically get a second chance other members don’t have. For any given Terms of Service violation, if a free member were to violate it and receive account termination, a platinum member should expect the same treatment.

You terminated my account and I was a Platinum member! I want my money back.

The administration takes account termination very seriously and only terminates accounts that egregiously violate the Terms of Service. For minor violations, your account may be docked credits, your membership term reduced, receive a temporary suspension, or some other minor punishment. Refunds are not offered for accounts that are terminated for egregious TOS violations. During your Platinum membership purchase, you entered into a contractually binding agreement to not initiate a chargeback with your payment processor. If a chargeback is initiated, you will be subject to legal action. Please review the Terms of Service for more details on jurisdictions, arbitration, and your legal rights. For a majority of members, this topic will not apply to you at all. Just follow the rules, and you will have nothing to worry about.

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