Need advertising exposure?

  • Tired of paying $5.00 per click? Contextual advertising works, that's not a question; but it's expensive. If you're a small advertiser, you might not be able to afford the high CPC costs. txtex offers a fixed rate, $0.10 CPC cost across all campaigns.
  • Ad blocks are so 2005. Banner ads were great, until everyone started realizing how annoying they are. So why are the major ad networks putting text ads in the same size blocks as graphic ads? txtex offers fluid, organic, sentence-like ad units so your ads truely integrate into publisher websites.
  • Statistics. We'll tell you stuff. Besides the normal impression, clicks, CTR data, we offer clickstream data. Want to see where your ads are being shown, and which pages are generating clicks for you? Just visit your Statistics page.

Still not convinced?

  • Check out the comparison table below for even more reasons to use txtex.
  CPM Campaigns Self-serve CPC txtex
Text advertising Check Check Check
Anti-fraud algorithms   Check Check
Responsive Leads   Check Check
Ads are displayed as sentences     Check
See where your ads are being shown     Check
Fixed CPC cost     Check

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