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Advertiser FAQs

Do I need a publisher website to advertise on the txtex Network?

No. You can still create an account without adding a website and purchase credits for self-directed advertising.

What’s the cost of an impression on the txtex Network?

txtex does not sell CPM advertising in an effort to maximize the advertiser’s ROI and reduce the likelihood of publisher fraud.

What’s the cost of a click on the txtex Network?

For every click received on one of your advertisements, one credit will be deducted from your account. Credit packages vary by size, so your CPC may be lower if you buy larger credit packages. See the Ad Packages page for more information.

Can I have a refund?

If you sign up for txtex and purchase credits, and are unsatisfied with the results from your ad campaigns, please immediately pause all ad campaigns and contact our support team. You will qualify for a refund of all unused credits. Generally, refunds are not given for spent credits, but they may be refunded on a case-by-case basis under certain circumstances.

How do I create an Advertiser Account?

Both publisher and advertiser accounts are treated the same on the txtex network. Simply use any Registration link to create your txtex account.

How long can my advertisements be?

You are allowed 25 characters for the ad title, 70 characters for the ad text, and your click-thru URL must be under 255 characters.

How do I edit an advertisement?

Once ads are submitted they cannot be editted. If you notice an error, or if you would like to change any part of the ad, simply create another ad with those changes and delete the old one.

I deleted an ad, why haven't my graph statistics updated?

The aggregrate statistics remain in our database for up to 45 days after an ad is deleted. However, after you delete an ad, you cannot view its individual detailed statistics.

Why do my website's statistics tell me txtex is sending me more hits than I see in my account?

Fraudulent clicks are filtered out dynamically, and detected as they happen. If a user generates a fraudulent click, he or she is redirected to your website anyway, and you are not charged for that visit. Consider it free traffic, on the house. The statistics for these invalid clicks are stored in our database, but are only visible to admin.

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