Ad Quality Requirements

All ads on the txtex network must comply with the following requirements in order to be eligible to display.


Currently, txtex only supports English as a language option, and all ads must be written in primarily English. Landing page URLs must also be written primarily in English. Allowable languages may be expanded in the future.


Your content may not include, reference, support, discuss, or otherwise be related to:

  • Pornography, adult, mature, or violent content
  • Intolerance or extremism
  • Hacking, cracking, warez, keygens, pirating
  • Drugs, drug-paraphernalia
  • Sales, creation, or distribution of: weapons, ammunition, prescription drugs, consumable alcohol, tobacco
  • Libel, slander, or other defamation of characters
  • Copyright, patent, or trademark infringements
  • MLM, ponzi, or multi-tiered incentive schemes

In addition to the explicitly stated prohibited contents above, no content shall be allowed that is illegal in any applicable jurisdiction, or promotes illegal activity. Your ad content must be directly related to the landing page URL.

Ownership or License

You must own any content that is submited to txtex, or otherwise have explicit permission from the owner for redistribution. txtex reserves the right to require any member to validate ad ownership or granted-licensure at any time. You must not be restricted by legal agreements as far as word or trademark usage is concerned.

Encouraging Clicks

You may not encourage clicks to your txtex ads, nor discourage clicks. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Text: text that directs users to click or not-click on ads
  • Ads written to call users to action other than clicking thru to the ad
  • Ads lacking sufficient ad text or ad title to properly describe a product/service


Your ads must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Ads may not have consecutive punctuations (i.e. you may not end an ad with !!!).
  • Ads must not have formatting characters (i.e. {{{{{Click Here}}}}} is not allowed)
  • Ads must have proper capitalization (All-caps ads are not allowed)

The only exception to these guidelines is when one of these conditions apply to a registered trademark. The trademark must be registered within the jurisdiction of the United States to receive an exemption.