High Quality Requirements

All websites must comply with all the following requirements to be tagged as a High Quality website and be eligible for Premium member benefits.

Top Level Domain

The website must be hosted on a top level domain. Sites hosted on a subdomain are ineligible for High Quality status unless the top level of the domain is also accepted as a High Quality website, and in this instance, the qualification must be reviewed manually by admin.

Advertising Saturation

The website must not be saturated with graphical, flash, or text advertisements. There is no ratio or formula by which this is calculated, but if any advertising becomes the focus rather than a supplement, then there is probably too much of it.


The website must not launch any unsolicited popup advertisements under any circumstances.

Professional Design

The website must be visually polished and have a cohesive design and theme.

Loading Speed

The website must be hosted on a server that can maintain reasonable loading speeds for served content.